make it cozy. make it you.

Home isn't just a word it's a feeling. Our quarterly subscription box can help make your home feel cozy, warm, comfortable or welcoming. 

Can't pick just one? Our vintage inspired farmhouse style can create all the feel-good feelings for you!


So glad you're here!

Hi I'm Laurie.

Owner of WS Mercantile and curator behind ther HOME SUPPLY Co. subscriptoin box.

I've always loved a casual, comfortable style, mixing vintage and new home decor creating a home that feels cozy and welcoming...

I wanted to make it easy for you to have fun decorating and creating the cozy home you love...so the 
HOME SUPPLY Co. Box was born!

Is decorating your love language?

"it's more than just a box!"


As women, we do for everyone around us!

We sometimes need to do something just for us! If your love language is decorating your home, then this is the gift for you! Yes, the HSCo. Box is full of awesome items, but when your box arrives,...oh my! It's like Christmas 4 times a year!


the HSCo. box is always a surprise!

I Love surprises!

What's in the box?


Each box is curated with the season in mind but, also has items that can be used every day! The value will always exceed the cost of the box.

There will be a little something vintage... the real deal! ...something from another small business or maker...  home decor items to create vignettes or use separately. Part of the HSCo. Box message is to be kind & connect.

So included are 2 postcards one to keep & one to share. Send one and make their day!

Spring 2022

 Welcoming a little color into your life!

Wicker bottom bell glass cloche

faux potted early spring plant

*mini set of spring flash cards

*wooden bunny silhouette

set of vintage bingo cards

set of 2 postcards, one to keep, one to share

*small makers

Summer 2022

All about summer entertaining... for just one or many!

2 wood mango trays

vintage blue mason jar

*set of summer mini flashcards

*beeswax bowl cover

paper pad of placemats

turkish towel/tablecloth

*small makers

Do something just for you!