Welcome Friends! New and Old!

Welcome Friends! New and Old!

Welcome Friends! New and Old!


I am lucky enough to say that I still have customers from the day I opened my brick-and-mortar shop in 1993! An antique gas station in Elkhorn, NE became the new home to The Whistle Stop Country Store. You can totally, tell that was an early 90’s name! lol! Almost 30 years later I am still here!



In case we haven’t met, I’m Laurie, owner of W.S. Mercantile online shop, the HOME SUPPLY Co. Subscription Box and, The Whistle Stop, home to occasional pop-up events! 



I’m a Southern California girl, who grew up at the beach! My husband and I along with our two boys moved to Elkhorn in 1992. I remember driving the country roads seeing the old farmsteads and thinking… I live where there are cows! I love cows! Such inspiration for a country-style lovin’ girl!



I have always been all about antique and country style… and I still am!

My love of country-style has stood the test of time. I think mixing and matching the old & the new makes a home cozy and welcoming! Curating goods and creating inspiring displays are my favorite things to do! Whether your decorating style is traditional, or any genre’ of Farmhouse I think you’ll like what we do! 



Take a look around! Check out the HOME SUPPLY Co. Subscription Box, our online shop and event page! If you like what you see please join our mailing list! Sign up for Mercantile Ramblings & News… delivered to your inbox it is the best way to stay in the know! You'll receive the scoop on events - DIY's - styling ideas - best junkin' spots - and more! 

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you being here!

Laurie :)

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