5 Ways to use Vintage Clothespins

5 Ways to use Vintage Clothespins

Every HOME SUPPLY Co. Subscription Box includes real vintage items! It's so fun to scour antique malls, estate sales, thrift stores, and flea markets for vintage finds for each season's box! You know what they say about the thrill of the hunt! What do they say? It's an addiction??? lol! I know it's sure fun!


clothespin; noun. clothes·​pin ˈklōz-ˌpin. also ˈklōt͟hz- : a forked piece of wood or plastic or a small spring clamp used for fastening clothes on a clothesline.
I don't know about you, but I love antique and vintage utilitarian objects… like the clothespin! The patina and worn areas of the wood make each one unique. I wonder how many kid's britches (as my mom used to call our pants) were hung on the line with these pins. I can remember my grandma with an apron full of clothespins, standing at the clothesline hanging the family's laundry.

Old clothespins were the star vintage item for the spring HSCo. box. To tie them to the spring and garden theme I hand-stamped them with little flowers. So cute! But, what do you do with vintage clothespins?


Here are 5 ways to use them!



Vintage clothespins are fairly easy to find and are affordable. I've been collecting for years and filled this large cookie jar that is on display in our laundry room! The warm wood tones cozy up the space.



Keep some vintage clothespins handy by the pantry to use as chip clips! An affordable and economical way to keep your chips fresh! Because who likes to eat stale chips!



Here I used the hand-stamped clothespins to embellish a paper garland. It's unexpected which makes for fun decorating! It adds a little cozy, spring vibe to the antique hutch.



I keep a few vintage clothespins near my desk too! They come in handy as a bookmark or to clip a pile of mail together.  I'm currently browsing Cozy White Cottage Seasons - 100 Ways to Be Cozy by Liz Marie Galvan. 



Use vintage clothespins as bowl fillers in a vintage ironstone bowl or place just a few in a little crock. I put the hand-stamped clothespins from the spring subscription box in this little European jar. I think it just might be my favorite way to display them! Sometimes it's just the little things that make your heart happy! :) 


More to come on the blog! The un-boxing of the HOME SUPPLY Co.'s  Spring Subscription Box! So many cute goods in this box!

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