Twinkle Holiday Surprise Gift Box

Twinkle Holiday Surprise Gift Box

Twinkle Holiday Surprise Gift Box - start to finish!

I realized I didn't take a good picture of the entire box contents! So, instead of an un-boxing through photos, I thought I'd show you a little of the start to finish process of curating the Twinkle Holiday Box!

So, it starts with lots of searching digital, wholesale catalogs... trying to come up with a main item. That item will dictate the theme & color palette for the box! The Twinkle Holiday Gift Box is always winter themed with a little touch of Christmas cheer.  It can be given at Christmas as a gift but, the contents can be used during winter or beyond! It always needs to have 4 to 6 items... something that smells wonderful, a little treat, something with a snowflake, and is cozy! It makes a great gift for the gals on your list... and for yourself! I have many customers tell me they buy one to make sure they have something under the tree for themselves! 



I begin by making a mood board with the items I find... it will change many times before it is written in stone. Here is the criteria... products need to be available, shippable, fit the theme, the budget, (above value for you and profitable for me) and fit nicely together in the box! And I need to love them! all of them! 


                                                 final board... it's go time! 



the plaid + snowflake pillow was the first item I chose, the red was not too Christmasy, it was soft and cozy and the snowflake screamed winter!


           Winter Cabin - oak creek FARMHOUSE candle


After choosing all the goods then I start the search for the tissue paper, wrapping paper and the little extra touches like ribbon or yarn, a little ornament, stickers. These are the little touches that make it feel like a special gift chosen just for you! 

Then it is on to ordering... hoping it all arrives on time and damage free! It gets unboxed, inspected, assembled, photographed, wrapped ready to be put on the assembly line for packing the boxes!


      I chose this book because I have one and l.o.v.e. it.   


After the photos, I designed the postcard, wrote the text and sent it off to the printer! The postcard gives a description of what's in the box. I will include a tag with a hand written message to the recipient if the person gifting the box would like.



                the color palette is complete... cream, burgundy, black + gold                                   


look how nice it all goes together!... at least I think so! 


After the pillows were stuffed and a couple of items were wrapped... the cookies and the snowman print, it was time to gather all the goods and begin to pack the Twinkle Holiday Box and ship it off in time for Christmas! 


 candy canes, Santa kisses, a little red tree ornament, cards & shred


 just need to add the pillow and it was ready to go


If you ordered the Twinkle Holiday Gift Box I hope you and those you gifted it to loved it! It's always fun to get a surprise gift! I love curating it all for you!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Cheers to 2024 and more good things to come!  

Laurie :)

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