HOME SUPPLY Co. Spring Unboxing

HOME SUPPLY Co. Spring Unboxing

HOME SUPPLY Co. Spring Unboxing 



The first quarterly HOME SUPPLY Co. Box is all about the signs of spring!  It’s the time of year when we are ready for sunny skies, green grass and waiting to spy the first robin of the season! While we wait let’s bring a bit of spring to inside! 


 "The box is wonderful! Love the bunny and the sweet little flash cards. (I adore little things) The cloche will be fun all year. Thanks!! - Nancy, Omaha 


The star of the HSCo. Box is this cloche with a willow base. Cloche is a French word for bell… they are also called bell jars. Originally intended to use to cover seedlings. It takes any ordinary object and makes it the star of the show! 

Friends… I. love. this. cloche!  It is such a classic. It’s fun & it’s versatile! It is a staple decor piece for all seasons!  


Next up in the box is this little potted plant! It fits perfectly under the cloche and the pale green is a sign of early spring! It will look cute about anywhere… on a window sill, a tiered tray, propped up on a bookshelf! I mistakenly ordered an extra case… so if you want one of these little potted cuties you can find them on the website. 


"What a neat, fun box! So many different ways to use my new treasures! The bunny, the cloche, the little flash cards... and more! Oh, my goodness!! Thank you so much!" -Cindy, Omaha 


What would spring be with out a bunny? So, I took to the bandsaw and made them! This cute guy will fit in well in a garden or Easter display! Keep him fancy with his bow for Easter then take it off for an everyday look!



Our featured maker is Cari from CariKraft in Blair, Nebraska. She created a custom list of spring words on these mini flashcards. Add a word or a phrase to your spring displays for a vintage look! You can find Cari on Etsy!



 "Love my Spring box! So, cute" Andrea- Oregon


The thrill of the hunt is one of my favorite parts of my job! I’m not sure how many miles were logged going on a hunt for enough of these vintage bingo cards for the spring box! I love the graphics on vintage paper products! Bingo cards are tied up with string, added a little flower for a touch of spring! They look really cute under the cloche! 


"One of my favorite boxes! Thank you so much!  Happy Spring!" - Cheryl, Elkhorn                                                                                                 



Included in each box are two inspirational postcards, one to keep and one to send to brighten someone's day! Also, included is a little card to have some fun. This time it was a Spring Scavenger Hunt! 


The first quarterly HOME SUPPLY Co. box was so fun to curate! I like to have things in the box that fit the season but, also something that can be used all year round! Now it's on to start planning the Summer HOME SUPPLY Co. box! 



If you subscribe to the box let me know on social media what was your favorite item in the box! If you’re not a subscriber and want to know when the summer box is available you can join the waitlist here!

Happy Spring!

Remember to make your home cozy & a place you love to be!


p.s. Cloche Love... six ways to style a cloche coming soon!

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