Something New is Happening!

Something New is Happening!


Something New is Happening!


So, what are the plans? 

To start...





Mercantile Monday -  Monday's will be the day for one or a combo of the following! ⤵️

  • new products are listed
  • a collection of products go on sale
  • shipping specials






Vintage Tip Tuesday - I'll share all I've learned over the years about antiques & vintage! Not an expert by any means but, will share what I know! Topics like the ones below. ⤵️

  • how to clean, careful vintage pieces
  • how to repurpose vintage and found objects
  • starting, adding to & displaying collections

I'm sure there will be more tips that will come to me in the middle of the night!

I'd better put a note pad by the bed! ;)






Friday Favorites -  I'll share well, all my favorites! ⤵️

  • favorites in my home, vintage, antiques, furniture...
  • favorite shops for found & new
  • favorite recipes, kitchen gadgets, cleaning products etc.
  • favorite flowers

You get the idea!  Anything I'm loving and think you might too! 






Saturday Styling -    ⤵️

  • styling simple vignettes
  • mix old & new to create interesting displays
  • books aren't just for reading
  • coral your collections
  • make a cozy bed
  • style goods from the HOME SUPPLY Co. Subscription Box

This list can go on and on... 





I am the luckiest small biz owner!

I've had the most supportive, loyal customers over the years and for that I thank you!  

I hope you'll stop by for more tips, favorites, and cozy home goods, my friend. 

Grateful for you!

Laurie :) 



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