How to Style a Large Reclaimed Wood Tray

How to Style a Large Reclaimed Wood Tray

How to Style a Large Reclaimed Wood Tray

Trays make the best base for corralling all the things!  They can be useful or just styled for the sake of being decorative. Trays are a staple piece I use all year long! And this one from the HOME SUPPLY Co. Box is the big boy of them all!

It's so fun to put them to work in different ways and for each season!

Here are a few ways to put a tray to work for you!


1. Serve... 

If your tray is large enough carry lunch from the kitchen to the patio. Use it as a charcuterie tray... if it's not food-safe or easily washable layer some parchment paper on it first. Let it hold all the condiments for a summer BBQ or a pitcher of margaritas with glasses & a bowl full of limes! Whatever your summer outdoor go-to entertainment favorites are... a large tray is sure to come in handy! 



2. Corral... 

A tray is great for corralling all the things! 

On a kitchen island, it can hold plates, napkins, cutlery, salt & pepper for a buffet- style dinner.  On an ottoman or coffee table in the living room let it hold magazines, books, coasters, and the tv remote. Make a habit of setting the remote in the tray and you'll never lose it in the sofa cushions! 

I used the tray on the bed in our guest room to welcome my friend who came to stay... stacked some books and magazines I knew she'd like with a pitcher of flowers to say, "Glad you're here!" 



3. Display...

A tray doesn't always have to have a job! It can just be a pretty display. Layering is key!... and balance!  It's a fun way to change out displays for the seasons! Here are some of the basics I use when styling a tray.

-books... coffee table or vintage books

-candles faux or real, (keep in mind where your tray is located when using real lit candles) candle sticks

-vase, crock, or other vessels to hold flowers or seasonal stems, (great to add height) 

-bowls... are great too! They hold things like fruit, potpourri, and small collections that add texture and interest



Play and have fun with trays!... different spaces, different uses, load it up or keep it simple!

It's your home! Create a cozy space to fit your style!



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