Easter Table Centerpiece

Easter Table Centerpiece

Make your Easter table cheery with this simple centerpiece!


After a visit to Whole Foods and a quick shop around the house, I was able to create a cute and cheery Easter centerpiece! It was quick and easy too!  




Creating a centerpiece that draws a lot of oohs and aahs just takes a few key elements! 

-mixing vintage & new pieces

-adding texture with natural items 

-layering! Lots of layering! 


I am in charge of the Easter table this year! I would much rather decorate than cook! How about you? My son and DIL have a great farm table that the Mr. and my son built many years ago. It's large enough to hold a substantial centerpiece. You could also use this on a sideboard or kitchen island! 




Three vintage and well-loved breadboards stacked upon each other became the base for the centerpiece. Next came the glass cloche with a wicker base, a faux plant, grass, and fresh eggs from our friendly girls on the farm, placed inside to create a mini display in itself! (only 2 eggs suffered casualties! I recommend hard-boiling them! oops!) 



Next came a stack of ironstone plates I borrowed from the kitchen and placed a wooden bunny on top. 



Now for the fun part! The veggies! I found carrots with tops, red cabbage,          bok choy, and yellow button flowers at Whole Foods. For only $10.00 it brought life to the centerpiece! I started with the carrots, a bunch on each side. Then peeled back the cabbage leaves and added it to the base of the bunny. I then, layered in the bok choy and button flowers for a pop of color! A sprig of faux Daisies filled in the space between the cloche and bunny.



I could have stopped there but, thought the concrete chicks added a bit of whimsy! Of course, with chicks you need more eggs! So, out to the chicken coop, I went! The mini flashcards, from Cari Kraft, (you can find her on Etsy)               added the finishing touch. 



This was so much fun to put together! It only took about 15 minutes once I gathered all the goods! I get to do it all again on Easter morning! The veggies need to go back in the fridge to stay fresh! I was tempted to leave it out until Sunday to see how it faired but, decided I wanted it looking its best for our Easter Sunday dinner. 


I think Peter Rabbit would be happy in this garden!

 Now, go shop your home and your frig or local market and 

make yourself a pretty centerpiece for Easter!


Here's what I used!

Whole Foods shopping list...
carrots w/ tops on
red cabbage
bok choy 
fresh button flowers
Shop from home... it's all about layers!
fresh eggs 
stack of ironstone plates
*glass cloche
*wooden bunny 
*faux plant
*mini flashcards
concrete vintage chicks
faux daisy stem
The * items were from our Spring HOME SUPPLY Co. Subscription Box.
Next up the Summer Box! Get on the wait list to be the first to know                   when the cart opens! If you are already a subscriber,                                              THANK YOU! There's no need to subscribe!


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