6 Ways to Style a Cloche

6 Ways to Style a Cloche

6 ways to style a cloche

Do you love decorating with cloches? I do!

They are somewhat magical! Whatever you place under the glass becomes somehow more special.

Here are 6 ways I’ve styled this cloche from the Spring HOME SUPPLY Co. Subscription Box.


1. PLANTS...

A real or faux plant looks so pretty under a cloche! After all, a cloche’s original use was to cover seedlings and protect them as they grow.




Show off your ironstone or grandma’s china dishes! Stack a few plates and a cup on top! A lavender stem adds just a touch of spring color. What other heirlooms do you have to showcase under a cloche?  

Here are some ideas!

-an antique small clock

-a stack of mini vintage books

-antique cast iron banks

-an antique cowbell from the farm!

Take a look around your home and see what you can find to showcase under a cloche!  



3. NATURE...

What is spring without a bird’s nest? This little grapevine nest with eggs reminds us of the magic of new beginnings. The ordinary becomes oh, so special when placed under glass. Do you like to change things out for the seasons? 

Here are some ideas to display nature's bounty throughout the season!

-dried flowers


-mini pumpkins

-fall leaves

-pine branches w/ a bow and an ornament

Go on a nature hike and see what you can find to change your cloche for the seasons!




A cloche is a great place to display your favorite collections. It’s no secret I love farm animals… here I’ve showcased these antique cardboard farm animals. A cow, pig and, duck!

What do you collect that could sit under the cloche?

-mini books

-old thread spools

-vintage flashcards

-old photos

-a stack of old pottery bowls




Who says a cloche needs to have a bottom? The glass cloche looks great with a faux plant perched upon the pages of a garden book. I leaned the wicker bottom of the cloche behind it for texture.

The key is to layer! Here are a few ideas! 

-a platter

-a tray

-a large book

-a wood riser



6. FILL IT UP...

Fill ‘em to the brim! Turn the glass over and fill it with potpourri or any other collection that you have multiples of. Put the bottom on and flip it right side up! Filled to perfection!

A few other ideas...

-old shoe shine brushes

-vintage baby shoes

-plastic or hardboiled eggs for Easter

-Christmas bulbs

-mini bottle brush Christmas trees



Change up your decorating with cloches! It's so fun and the possibilities are endless! 

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