Blue Canning Jars… Perfect for Summer Decorating!

Blue Canning Jars… Perfect for Summer Decorating!

Blue Canning Jars… Perfect for Summer Decorating!

a quick history lesson. 


The Mason jar was first invented in 1858 by a man named John Mason. The jars had a threaded mouth that accepted a metal lid with a rubber gasket to form a seal to preserve food for a long time. A couple of decades later, five brothers formed the Ball Corporation, improving on John Mason's style of jar. Many cellar shelves were filled with preserved fruits, vegetables, and meats using the Mason and Ball jars! Families could store food for the entire winter and beyond!
Blue mason-style jars were mass-produced until 1937. Sand from around Lake Michigan gave the glass its aqua blue hue. Very few Ball jars are rare which makes the jars an affordable staple in Farmhouse & Vintage decorating! If you want to learn more about the jars, google “history of antique canning jars” and you will find all kinds of information including how to date them by the style of font used on the jar!

With summer on our heels, it’s time to change up our decor! I always love using blue in my decorating but, I especially love it in the summer!


summer decorating with blue canning jars…


Blue canning jars are always a staple in my decorating stash! Summer is a great season to use them because of their variety of shades of blue! Think… blue skies, blue oceans, lakes & rivers, blue blooms, and raspberry blue icees! 


Here are some simple ideas of how to use those useful but, pretty blue canning jars in your summer decorating!

floral bouquets… fill a vintage blue canning jar with your favorite flowers and set it on your kitchen table, island, entry table, or bathroom counter. Are you having an outdoor party? Want to create an easy centerpiece with impact? Gather up several jars, fill with garden blooms and line them down the center of your outdoor party! For an evening party, fill the jars with sand or Epsom salts, add a tea light or battery firefly lights to cozy up the space! 



summer collections... is there a favorite summer item from nature that you collect? Like seashells from a trip to the beach, skipping rocks from the lake's shore, or twigs from a mountain hike. Not only will the jars hold all the things, but they will hold all the memories of summer too! 



plain and simple... leave them empty! Yes! Empty! Let the shades of blue be the art in the room!                         



the unexpected... pretty up your pantry or kitchen shelf by filling the jars with staples such as macaroni, tea bags, nuts, etc. It will add some summer color to an otherwise ordinary space.

Make bookends with two jars... add something for interest inside the jar... like a photo, a seed package, or coffee beans. Sandwich a stack of vintage books or cookbooks between the jars!    




The next time you're on an antique hunting trip be sure to seek out some blue canning jars to keep in your stash! They are an inexpensive vintage item that will add just the right touch of color to your summer decorating! 




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