Five Ways to Use Vintage Christmas Cards

Five Ways to Use Vintage Christmas Cards

Here are 5 Ways to Use Vintage Christmas Cards
in Your Holiday Decorating

First of all, do you collect vintage Christmas cards?
If you don't, it might be fun to start!

They can be found at estate sales, antique malls, or
maybe in your grandma's attic!

Back in the day when cards were almost always
sent to friends and family at Christmas time, they were
often saved from year to year. Put in a box and stored away...
it was hard to throw away such thoughtful sentiments.
The artwork on antique and vintage cards is what makes
them so fun to collect! Most times the inside of the card
is just as pretty with some art and wonderful or humorous
sentiments. You'll often find boxes of unused cards but, I
think it's fun when I find ones that have written messages or
signatures in them. Sometimes the penmanship is so pretty.
Back in the day when they taught and required cursive!


Create a garland with twine or ribbon and clip the
vintage cards to it. It can be strung on a peg rack,
or across the top of a cupboard. I found these antique
clothespins just recently... great timing! You can buy
mini wooden clothespins at any craft store or on Amazon.

Use vintage Christmas cards to embellish Christmas gifts.
The cards will dress up plain brown paper and simple twine

When I find cards that are not in great shape I will use them
to make gift tags for packages or tree ornaments. Better to re-invent
them, then to see them thrown away! Many tags can be made from
one card, using the outside and inside of the cards.
Cutting up cards can be hard to do but, when you make fun tags or
ornaments that will live on for years to come... sometimes it's worth it!


Create a Christmas tree on your wall using vintage cards and
command strips or painter's tape.
If you don't have enough cards, you can always fill in with
other vintage paper goods... like old bingo cards!


The easiest of them all... collect them and toss them in
a bowl or a vintage box and set them out on your coffee table!
It's a fun conversation piece! Encourage your guests to browse
through the cards of the past! They just don't make
them like they used to!

If you enjoy decorating for Christmas with vintage goods,
hunting for vintage Christmas cards might be your
next obsession! I mean... collection!

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